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Apologies for the lateness of this, this should have been up an hour and a half ago.

Theme: Mistakes. (Mistaken identity, mistaken as harmless or harmful, a mistake which ends up having a good outcome or a bad one, silly mistakes like putting sugar on your chips instead of salt, maybe somebody has to admit to having made a mistake, or a past mistake comes back to haunt somebody.)

Additional word/object/element:  A type of weather (rain, snow, warm sunshine, hail stones, high winds, fog.)

Maximum Word Count: 800 words.  (Because word programs vary in how they count as long as the word count you give me is 800 words or less I'll take your word for it. Words in the header don't count towards the total.)

Deadline:  9pm UK/4pm EST Sunday the 8th of July. (This is two days later than usual because of Independence Day being midweek.)

Any characters, any series, any genre, any pairing or no pairing they're all good.

Submitting your entry:

You can either post it directly into the screened comments on this entry http://torchwood-las.livejournal.com/9040.html
or sent it to torchwoodlas@gmail.com

When submitting your entry use the following header.

Skipping this round
Because we are into the last two rounds skips can no longer be used.

Any other information:

Because we will be having anonymous voting on the stories please don't post them anywhere until after the voting has finished, and it's been revealed who wrote what.

Stories don't need to be beta'd. If you do use a beta the 'don't vote for yourself' applies to both the writer and beta reader of the fic.

Please don't tell people which story is yours and ask them to vote for it. Telling people there's stories to vote on without saying which is your is good though, more readers/votes means more feedback for everybody.

I will let writers know when I've received their story. If you haven't heard in 24 hours or a couple of hours if it's on the deadline day I've not received it and could you send it again.

Any questions ask on this post and I'll try to answer them.

(I will put up the post for and about voting at the same time the story post goes up, which will be up as soon as I can manage after the deadline.)