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July 8th, 2012

Round one - challenge five story post

Okay this is the story post, please don't post your votes in the comment to this post. The voting post is here: http://torchwood-las.livejournal.com/9736.html
The prompts for this round were: Mistakes and Weather.

four stories of around 800 words under the cutCollapse )

Round one - challenge five voting post

Voting is now closed. Results will be up in the next couple of minutes.

This is the voting post for round one challenge five. This round had the prompts of Mistakes and Weather.

Voting is open until 9pm UK/4pm EST on Saturday the 14th of July - six days from now.

Anybody can vote – you don't have to be a writer. Writers you don't have to vote, although it would be good if you did.

As I'm running the comm. I am not voting, not even if there's a tie, as I know who wrote what and it wouldn't be fair.

Writers please don't vote for your own story either to win or to vote out, and please don't tell people which one is your story and ask them to vote for it. Letting people know that there are stories here to vote on (without saying which is your) is good though.

How to vote.

Please leave a comment (they are screened) below with the name/number of the entry you liked the best, and the one that you liked the least. Please give a reason, however brief as to why you've chosen as you have.

So it would looks something like:

Story to win: Story X. It was such a unique take on the prompt, and their characterisation of Janet the Weevil was spot on.

Story to vote out: Story Y. It was an interesting idea, but there seemed to be no kind of conclusion to it.

Please read all the stories if you can before voting. If there's a reason why you can't read a story/stories such as triggering content (stories will carry warnings if this is present) that is fine, just read the stories you're able to. 

Please remember that the writer of the story will see what you've written - (Although not who wrote it, as feedback will be email/pm'ed to them if they wish to see it, minus the voters name.) 

Not sure how to give a positive or negative vote? A few answers/ideas under the cutCollapse )