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Torchwood LAS

A Torchwood Last Author Standing contest.

Torchwood Last Author Standing
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Torchwood Last Author Standing writing contest community
What is Torchwood LAS.

Torchwood LAS is a Torchwood based last author standing contest.

How does the contest work?

On a Friday (about 9pm UK time/4pm EST) the prompts will be given - comprising of a theme (like 'sick day' or 'party time,' A word or object (such as 'moonlight' and 'umbrella') and a maximum word count (ranging from 400 up to 1000)

The entries will be due by 9pm UK/4pm EST the following Friday - so a full week to write those stories.

Entries need to be posted to torchwoodlas@gmail.com by this time.

On Saturday the community mod will post all the entries anonymously to the comm.

Also on Saturday there will be a voting post with screened comments. Anybody voting will give one vote for the story they though was the best and one vote for the story they though was the least good.

Voting will remain open until 9pm UK/4pm EST on the Wedneday. Results and the writer reveal will be posted on the Thursday.

A new set of prompts will then be posted on the Friday, and this will continue until there is one writer left - The last author standing.

Voting - does and dont's

Please read all the stories if you can before voting. If there is a reason why you can't read a story/stories such as triggering content (stories will carry warnings if this is present) that is fine, just read the stories you're able to.

One thing to remember is that the writer of the story will see what you've written - (although not who wrote it as feed back will be email/pm'ed to them, minus the voters name)

Please don't give a story a negative vote because: It's got Owen as a main character and you don't like Owen. It's set during Miracle Day. Or it's a Jack/Gwen story.

Good reasons for a negative vote: This story didn't use the prompts. The story was confusing and felt unfinished.

Positive votes are easier, as generally we're comfortable about telling people the things we like about something, but please don't give positive votes based solely on pairings, such as, 'I voted for story 3 for best because it's the only Jack/Ianto fic round'

What if I can't write for a particular round?

Everybody will be given one skip at the start of the contest. Winners of a round will recieve an additional skip, up to a maximum of three.

Skips cannot be used in the last two rounds - when there are only about 4 writers remaining.

I don't want to write character/season XYZ, will the prompts mean I have to?

No. The prompts will be such that they can apply to any character from any season, and will work for any pairing (m/m, f/f or m/f) or gen fic.

How do I take part.

Go to the sign up post here http://torchwood-las.livejournal.com/283.html and comment. Just your LJ name will do, as voting feedback will be sent by PM unless otherwise requested

Okay, when is it running?

From Friday the 4th of May. The exact number of rounds will be determined by the number of people who sign up for it. But potentially running through the whole summer. Most likely it will run for about 12 to 14 weeks per round.

Any other questions just PM me and I'll try to get an answer to you as soon as I can.